UNITED provides high quality indoor cleaning services. Through the continuous upgrading of our services, the development of new cleaning methods, the use of high quality products – friendly to the environment and also the use of new technology equipment, we have managed to gain the trust of the Greek market.

UNITED ensures:
Initial Cleaning, Daily Cleaning and maintenance, Indoor Cleaning, Outdoor Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning,
Furniture Cleaning, Computer Cleaning, Window Cleaning, Furniture Cleaning, Health and Hygiene Sites Cleaning.

General cleaning services and daily maintenance for:

Buildings Offices, Banks, Hospitals etc.
Waste removal
Office cleaning
Sweeping and mopping of floors
Cleaning of broadloom with machine
Removal of fingerprint marks and stains from walls and dividing glass panels
Tidying of kitchen areas
Cleaning of interior window sills
Cleaning of all indoor areas (reception, meeting rooms etc)
Cleaning of all exterior closet surfaces


Cleaning of toilet bowl with disinfectant solution
Cleaning of tiles around the sinks
Emptying of waste bins and change of bag
Supply of toiletries, such as paper and soap
Cleaning of mirrors
Removal of lime from faucets
Mopping of floor.

Floor cleaning

Mechanical cleaning of floors and parquet, maintenance with spray buffing for longer staying power.
Floor cleaning stone
Floor cleaning stone Marmora crystallization of marble and hard surfaces.

Carpet cleaning

Special machines and suitable detergents are used for cleaning broadloom, guaranteed to provide
the best possible results.

Surrounding area

Inspection and collection of litter.
Local sweeping of tiles.

Window Cleaning

Glass cleaning with lifting equipment (mobile scaffolding, hanging platforms, ground cranes).
We use ecological materials to clean glass surfaces and with our know-how, we ensure impeccable cleanliness.
We undertake regular cleaning of your glasses at pre-agreed intervals.

UNITED ensures:
For the initial cleaning of interiors, removal of construction debris, protection of surfaces and exterior cleanings, such as glass and facades.

Initial Cleaning

Protection of structural surfaces and proper handling during the initial cleaning.
Initial Cleaning of all surfaces from waste and construction pollutants such as industrial adhesives, cement, silicones, etc.

Cleaning with modern equipment and cleaners, such as rotary washing machine, protecting flooring material such as marble, parquet flooring, laminate, etc.
Initial cleaning of glass panes, facades using crane trucks whenever required as well as trained personnel such as air carriers.

UNITED ensures:
Building Maintenance, Factories – Construction Site Cleaning Services, Cleaning of monuments and statues, Waste collection services, Containers for the collection of solid waste.

Construction Cleaning

Construction cleaning
Cleaning after delivery by the construction,
Initial cleaning services, Waste collection services

Special cleaning after fire

Special cleaning services after fires, Special machines are used to clean the soot from
the walls and other surfaces after a fire, in preparation of surfaces for their painting.

Window or Glass Cleaning

Cleaning of glass panes from 0-45 meters using special poles
up to 12 meters for large surfaces and with the help
of platforms for up to 45 meters.
Cleaning includes the interior as well as the exterior surface, as well as the sill

UNITED ensures:
Protection of structural surfaces with antifouling paint
Anti-graffiti protection, Dust control systems, Ultrasonic cleaning (blinds, blinds, plastic flowers, ceiling lights, air conditioning filters, etc.)

Hydro blasting

Hydro blasting cleaning of building facades, interiors, industries, hospitals, etc.
Cleaning with pressure machine.
Cleaning with detergent (environmentally friendly) once.

Special cleaning in inaccessible areas

Special cleaning for inaccessible areas,Special cleaning services for areas that are hard to
reach (interior) for factories, playing fields, etc where machines can not reach,
and suitable machines for cleaning of exterior humanly inaccessible areas

Special cleaning blasting marbles

Cleaning of marble surfaces, sand blasting services, Sandblasting cleaning services for industries,
marble surfaces, neoclassical buildings, removal of asbestos etc
Cleaning with pressure machine.
Cleaning with detergent (environmentally friendly) once.

Cleaning services for food industries

Cleaning services for food industries with special solutions as well as a
special maintenance solution after cleaning.

UNITED ensures:
Cleaning of glass and glass surfaces, even glass panes which are in inaccessible areas.
We have professional glass cleaners and environmentally friendly cleaners.

Window cleaning

UNITED is specialized in cleaning glass and glass surfaces, even even in inaccessible locations.
We have professional glass cleaners, and lifting equipment (mobile scaffolding, hanging platforms, ground cranes).
We use the most suitable glass cleaning liquids, which are ecologically friendly to ensure impeccable cleanliness.
We undertake regular cleaning of your glasses at pre-agreed intervals.

UNITED ensures:
Gardening and outdoor cleaning, deforestation, pruning and cutting of branches
as well as cleaning from dry grass.

Outdoor areas cleaning services

Outdoor and garden cleaning with special machines for cutting, pruning, deforestation.
Cleaning of dry grass and other plants.
Collection Services of waste and use of special containers.

UNITED ensures:
Training staff in many professional expertise such as, cleaning, housekeeping for hotels and
for businesses in areas with increased tourist traffic.

Provision of trained Personnel

Providing trained staff in hotel specialties such as cleaners, maids, waiters, barmen.
Providing staff to meet the needs of private areas during the tourist season.

A clean place is a safe place